Just wanted to Thank You all soooooo much for my T-shirt and gift card to Whole Foods after winning the 30-day Challenge!!!!! What a very sweet and unexpected surprise! I LOVE the studio and all the inspiring, strong and dedicated instructors! Being a part of that experience is so empowering and life-changing! THANK YOU ALL.

- Natalie B.  ~ Warrior in Training

I have been coming to Lift since the first week they opened, and I honestly couldn't imagine my life without Lift. The owner, Kim Saunders has been such a beautiful influence in my life, and makes it a point to get to know each of the members. She emits a light so great it is contagious. Lift offers a variety of different classes perfect for different individuals, and the teachers are impeccable. 

- Sarah Buckley 

Thank you for your visit to the City of Alpharetta to share your passion for Wellness through Yoga! It was an excellent presentation and many attendees made a point to let us know how much they enjoyed it.    Many smiles! Your healing spirit captivated all who were present, and many, if not all were able to touch the place of their inner peace, with your nurturing guidance. Please know you are so appreciated and we hope you will visit again! Many Thanks

- Betty-Ann Busby, Benefits Manager, City of Alpharetta

Kim, thank you so much for being one of the featured speakers at our Cancer Survivor's Day at the Fox Theatre. The five hundred people in attendance received hope, inspiration and a new way to frame their individual cancer experiences based on the heartfelt message you delivered with poise, elegance and grace.

-  Carolyn Helmer, LCSW,  Manager, Cancer Wellness at Piedmont

 Kim is a dynamic and passionate presenter who cares about her audience and shares material in a clear and concise manner. She kept an audience of 200 professionals interested after 3 hours of presentations and they were eager to stand up and participate. I would invite her to speak again and will happily attend any workshop she gives in the future. Kim is a pleasure to work with.

 -Adam M. Lesser, LCSW, Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Project, Director Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

Kim, you  illuminate souls! Thank you for guiding me on my journey & for the open heart that you always share. Namaste! 

 - Missy Muir Brigance, Counselor

I absolutely loved the class last night.  What a way to bring in the new season! It's amazing, because although the pace was a more 'relaxing' type flow than the bodyART or hot yoga I so enjoy, I was shocked to find I was SORE on Thursday and Friday! I truly believe the exercises worked as they were designed to ring out and reset! Bravo on leading yet another wonderful class, as always! You are creating a true community with your classes. As a new Milton resident and being new to GA, I find it refreshing to meet neighbors in this very informal and inviting setting. Thanks again for all you do!

-   Nikki C. 

I really enjoyed the Spring Equinox and Detox Yoga Class!  It was unique and invigorating and relaxing , in addition to being targeted for detoxing/renewing our bodies.  I felt great afterwards and really the whole next day!  I have taken other yoga classes at the gym, but, honestly, enjoy your classes so much more.  Lift Yoga classes are more intimate and personalized.  Your calm, reassuring, comforting voice makes me feel like I can do any pose, even if I've not tried it before.  You are so encouraging and motivating!

-  Tiffany S.

I am thoroughly enjoying the yoga classes!   As an executive I sit at a desk and/or in meetings most of the time.  Often times I feel like the “Tin Man”  from the Wizard of Oz when I stand up.  I have noticed a marked improvement in my joints, and overall well-being and attribute this to your classes.  I wish I had started these classes months ago.   Thanks for the quality of instruction that you and your team provide!  I am a 'born again Yogi.

- Patty P.

I've been doing your BodyArt class for about 6 weeks. I've done hot yoga in the past and I noticed a huge change in my wide, forward fold this morning. I used to hover above the ground, unable to put my forearms on the ground. I was surprised to learn this morning that not only can I easily and comfortably place my forearms on the ground, but I can also place my forehead on the ground! That's an increase in flexibility of about 8 inches! Wow! Thanks.
- Tammy  McHugh

No matter how I feel going in, when I come out of your class I feel like I just got an hour long full body massage. I'm calm, smiling and full of peace. Thank you for keeping me balanced in this insane world! <3 and yes, I'm one of those who looks ridiculous in a pose and ignores that little fact so that I can enjoy my moment!

- Colleen Hayes

I feel blessed to have met you and your classes have been just what I need!! You're doing great work in the community. :)

 -  Richelle Bond Losch 

Atlanta friends! If you haven't checked out Lift Yoga Therapy yet, try it. Such an amazing group of teachers, beautiful location and a great schedule of classes including flow, yin, sculpt yoga and the FIRST bodyArt classes in Georgia. bodyArt is a great way to get a cardio workout and a great calorie burn all while getting your yoga on, check it out!

- LeeAnn Ryan

Thanks so much for presenting yesterday!  The feedback has been wonderful and everyone loved you.  One e-mail indicated, 'This was the best presenter of this year. She presented interventions that were practical and easy to adapt to the standards.' Your presentation was a hot topic in our office today. I feel like you really made a connection with everyone in the room. God has truly blessed you with a wonderful gift.

-  Mary Cousins, Coweta County School System

Kim's classes work in powerful ways.  I have more energy, more strength and flexibility. Unlike any other yoga classes I have attended!   I love Kim's personal touch by ending each class with eye pillows and organic lavender oil to send me into a deep state of relaxation.

-   Diane Wood, Professional School Counselor, Ed.S

I have now lost 20 pounds with 5 more to go in only 4 months.   Last week, I went for my scheduled blood work and the results were awesome!  My cholesterol overall dropped 30 points and I was taken off my cholesterol medicine.  My BP was down to 122/70 and that might be the next prescription to go.  Even though I am fighting genetics, diet and yoga seem to be working miracles!  Thank you, Kim for your encouraging words and awesome classes.  You have really made a difference.   

-  Cathy D.

This is my first time encountering Lift Yoga and this class has been a life saver.  Kim teaches you to reach inside for inner peace and balance.   I have been under major stress the past few months and can honestly say, these classes have been so beneficial in my healing. 

- Jessica Lammon, Software Support Specialist, Fulton County School System

Lift Yoga Therapy is a concept whose time has definitely come. It's the only place I know of where you can work on so many essential aspects of health and well-being at once. The evening that I participated in was fun and information-packed. I would recommend to anyone to become familiar with Kim and her wonderful classes and services.  

- Laura Strickler, President, Design & Copy, Inc.

You did an extraordinary job at The Fox Theatre Cancer Survivors Day Event!  You conveyed your authentic and true-self delivered with joy, grace, inspiration and honesty. 

-  Dr. Jody Iodice, Psychologist

Kim, what a nice surprise to have you as a speaker today at the CE program.  I will have to say your portion was the only one where I learned anything new and you followed 3 Emory University Professors - 2 PhD's and an MD.  Thanks for all of the valuable tools you shared with us.

- Vilda Brannen, Licensed Professional Counselor

Kim - Thank you so much for your wonderful work. It's brought me back in touch with my body, healed my spirit and allowed me to rediscover the Self that Id forgotten resided within.   I especially treasure the contemplations that you read at the end of our class. Other yoga classes I've taken in the past were just competitive exercise routines that left me feeling like I failed.  Yours are beautiful, almost religious experiences I treasure throughout the week.

-  Deborah Dorff

Kim is such a beautiful, loving presence that I felt as though I'd been 'touched by an angel.   I highly recommend Kim. She lifts people up!  

- Patrice Dickey, Author of Your Guide to the Life You Love

Just a quick note to thank you again for a wonderful retreat weekend experience! What a joyful way to spend time with my sister and meet some amazing women. You are truly a gift in the lives of everyone you touch!

- Terry M. Sexton MSN, ARNP, PNP-BC

You have no idea how wonderful this weekend retreat has been for me.  I really needed this. The chatty patty gremlin in my head has been wearing me out.  I’ve had a hard time trying to quiet this gremlin with my headphones and the gym....not working.  Being silent did the trick!  I was concerned it would become unbearable with silence but it was actually the only thing that has brought quiet and peace to my busy body and head! 

- Jen C.