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Integrative Energetic Medicine, Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioner

Mindy Strich is a certified practitioner in Integrative Energetic Medicine, Reiki and Healing Touch. In 2011 she became an Ordained Minister and an I.C.F. certified Life Coach. She is the coauthor of two books, The 28 Day Thought Diet and F*A*I*T*H* - Finding Answers in the Heart and one of only 28 graduates certified to by Dr. Lissa Rankin to teach The Six Steps of Healing based on her N.Y. Times Best Seller, Mind Over Medicine. 

After 25 years of seeking traditional medical solutions for a lifelong battle with an unknown chronic illness she enrolled at The Whitewinds Institute of Energetic Healing to find a solution to the health issues that had plagued her most of her life.  Her training enabled her to explain her illness, transform her health, and heal from the unexpected end of her marriage.  First as  a student and then as an assistant Mindy spent 5 years working side by side with Dr. Fernand Poulin, one of the leading voices in the field of Energy Medicine.  She owns her own private practice, Healing Hearts, where she joyfully assists clients on their own path to physical and emotional healing.

Mindy has been the facilitator of “Heartache to Healing” a monthly support group directed at women who are facing separation and divorce and she leads monthly healing circles at Unity North Atlanta.  (www.unitynorth.org)

Mindy is passionate about being a bridge between conventional and complementary medicine. Her talks, workshops and healing clinics have educated and enlightened people on the profound benefits healing.

For more information on energy healing or to contact Mindy visit her website at www.mindystrich.com For a complimentary consultation call (678) 642-7771 . 

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