Lisa discovered yoga over 20 years ago on the recommendation of a friend and with the help of a book. Since then, she has been fortunate to study with many amazing teachers, including (but not limited to!) Sue Hopkins, Matthew Sanford, Marlysa Sullivan, Michael Sitzer, Seane Corn, David Keil, Nicholai Bachmann, and David Williams. She practices several different types of hatha yoga, and her studies have led her to work as a Professional Yoga Therapist and to offer specialized Workshops, most currently in Anatomy and Sanskrit.

Lisa approaches teaching as a student of life, understanding that there is always something new to learn, and sharing her knowledge in a fun, accessible, and easily digestible way. It her is goal to help each student develop a strong foundation with the basics and gain proficiency with practice. Her sessions and workshops offer theory, practical application, and a customized implementation of the topic being taught.