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Jessie is dedicated to spreading awareness of the limitless potential for the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Triumph over adversity is a central theme to her practice. Born with hydrocephalus she was unable to participate in any sports, and avoided trampolines and tumbling due to any potential trauma to her head and spine. After the birth of her first child, finding Yoga helped overcome a lot of fear in her life. Activities like standing on her head or arms was challenging and liberating. Teaching Yoga since 2004, she has developed a dynamic and inspirational teaching style. Her classes are vibrant, challenging and always evolving to meet the needs of her students.

Jessie has over 800 Yoga teacher training hours. She has trained extensively in the tradition of the Himalayan Yogis through the lineages of Krishnamacharya. She has completed over 800 hours of training at the Ayurvedic Institute with Dr. Vasant Lad and is a certified Ayurvedic Counselor. She has over 9000 hours of teaching classes, workshops, and has certified over 60 teachers in the Dorje Yoga system. Jessie served as an ambassador for Lululemon in Atlanta from 2014-2016, and is a current ambassador for Manduka. Jessie takes your practice to new heights, unlocking your deepest potential creating an empowering transformative experience. Having compassion for everyone’s own unique journey, she offers a place to learn and grow in a low stress, and non-competitive environment.