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Sita is an intelligent and shy 11-year-old girl in grade 5. 

Her family is economically poor and marginalized. Her mother, teachers, and even local government officials have been expressing concerns for her well being, especially after the deadly earthquakes in Nepal last year. She was in danger of being trafficked, until we enrolled her in a good local boarding school.

Sita is the eldest of four children, and must help to care for her siblings while her parents work in their fields as day laborers.

The small plot of land her family tends to is not sufficient to sustain themselves as subsistence farmers. At her home, Sita has to fetch water, cook, and care for herself and her three younger siblings each day.

The teachers at the local, government school say she often came to class without school clothes, books, or stationary. "How can she study like this?" asked her teacher. Her father is an alcoholic.

During last year's earthquake, her family's mud house collapsed. Since then, her family has built a temporary shelter with donated corrugated tin and scrape materials.

Sita's family is also from the lowest caste, so her social status in Nepal's predominately Hindu society is especially low.

In 2015, The Himalayan Children’s Charity (HCC) gave her approximately $30 in educational scholarship as a child earthquake survivor. 

Her old school teacher, Mr. Magar, says, "She is a good student with a capable mind. Given more attention, a good environment, and mentorship, she will do very well." 

Despite her hardships, Sita was at the top of her government school classes last year (3rd in overall ranking). She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. On May 6th, 2016, HCC enrolled her in a nearby boarding school, where she will get a good learning environment.

Sita's new school principal, who conducted her entrance aptitude test, is optimistic. She is especially talented in math, and has good English skills, despite having come from a government school.

The principal thinks that it will take her time to adjust to the boarding school system (he estimates two years), and says after that he believes that she will be able to attain top marks in her class.  At Sita's new school, which is about 25 km from her parents’ home, her core subjects will include Taekwondo, Mandarin, computer, and music. She has someone to cook for her and to help her clean at the hostel, and she is provided with all of the study materials and support she needs. She will get extra tutoring and mentorship from HCC as well.

Living at boarding school, Sita will surely miss her parents and younger siblings. Luckily, she'll get to see them regularly during long weekends and school holidays.

With your help and contribution, we can keep Sita from being trafficked and offer her a better life by educating her so she may contribute to her society. The HCC does an amazing job to help confront the problems of poverty and empower children to create their own bright futures.

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