62 Day Challenge: FULL CHALLENGE

$25 • Purchase required to enroll

The LIFT 62 Day Challenge begins on November 1!

Complete 62 practices in 62 days. The result? You stay grounded, energized and present throughout the holiday season and roll into January 2017 feeling amazing!

Challenge Details:
November 1, 2016-January 1, 2017. We'll host an end of challenge party in January to celebrate! All participants will receive a t-shirt.

How to Track Your Practices:
We will post a giant tracking poster at the studio. It will have everyone's name on it and you'll be able to check off your practices as you go.

The "Rules"
Get 62 practices done in 62 days for the full challenge
- You can double if you miss a day.
- 8 home practices allowed for the full challenge. Mark your practices on the tracking poster...yogis honor!
- You are allowed to practice at other studios ONLY if you're out of town/traveling. Remember, this is a LIFT Challenge! Just mark any out of town practices on the tracking poster like a normal LIFT practice.
- Workshops count as 2 practices.

Connect With Your Yoga Community:
The challenge is a great way to connect with other yogis and we'll also create a private facebook group for all challenge participants!

Social Media:
We encourage you to announce your participation and post challenge updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Use hashtag #LiftChallenge and tag us @liftyoga so that we can see your posts!

Friendly Advice:
The 62 Day Challenge provides a GREAT time for you to explore new classes and teachers at Lift Yoga. Also, we are not here to "police" you. This is a challenge you have decided to take on personally. While we would love for you to stay for the entire class, every class we understand that life happens. If you need to leave early...you're still good. If you're staying to double and taking half of a class feels like a practice to you...then we're okay with that. You do what feels right to you!

You can do this! Commit now!

*Note: your 62 Day Challenge registration does not include yoga. Registration covers your participation in the challenge, t-shirts and end of challenge party.