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I am a beginner? Can I come to any class?

Many of our classes are appropriate for all levels. We offer a Beginner Series, and we suggest trying a Yin or Restorative Class to start. Please let the teacher know that you are new. As with all levels, we encourage you as a beginner to pace yourself and to listen to, and trust, your body. If it feels bad, stop. In time you’ll build strength, focus, stamina and flexibility.

How do I sign up for class?

You can sign up for class by going to our schedule page and clicking on the class you choose to attend. This will direct you to our software, Mind Body Online, where you will create an account to use each time you reserve your space for class.

Do I have to make a reservation for class, or can I just drop in?

It is recommended that you make a reservation through our website by visiting the class schedule and registering through our website. However, drop-ins are always welcome!

Out of respect and etiquette, we lock the doors promptly as class begins so they may enjoy their session. Leave any drama from home, school or work and don’t bring it onto the mat with you. This is your stress-free zone!

What do I need to do before my first class?

Nothing! We recommend that you sign up for your first class online and let us know you are coming, otherwise, just arrive early (10 minutes is fine) and sign in, store your personal belongings, and roll your mat out in the studio.

Out of respect and etiquette, we lock the doors promptly as class begins so they may enjoy their session. Leave any drama from home, school or work and don’t bring it onto the mat with you. This is your stress-free zone!

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that will move with you and avoid overly baggy tees that tend to fall over your head when you bend over, and overly tight clothes that won’t let you bend over. Dressing in layers is always a good idea. Avoid heavy sweats. Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio. Yoga is best done barefoot as you’ll have better grip and balance with bare feet. We are also cool with you doing Barre classes with bare feet. We ask that you respect others by refraining from using perfume and strong scents.

What if I’m not flexible or focused?

Then you are definitely in the right place! Yoga is not about putting your foot behind your head or holding a position the longest… in fact, we encourage you to leave competition and ego behind, and learn to listen to your body. You do not need to be flexible, strong, have good balance or be coordinated to start doing yoga. Yoga welcomes you exactly the way you are .The best way to become more flexible and focused is to start your yoga practice today!

Should I eat before class?

The general rule is that it is best to avoid heavy meals for at least two hours before class. Some people prefer a completely empty stomach, and others prefer a light snack, such as fruit or a granola bar an hour before practice.

How challenging will the class be for me?

That is up to you. You always control the intensity of your practice and we encourage you to work at your own pace in every class. You’ll find that some days your practice will seem easy and some days it will kick your butt! Just go with the flow and step to your edge but not past it!

How often should I practice?

As often as you can…. Consistency is the key to experiencing the full benefits of your practice… and to making new friends!! Whether you practice at home or in the studio, a daily practice, even a 20 minute daily practice, is a good goal. But start small, come to class 2-4 times a week.

I have an injury, does it matter?

If you have injuries or physical limitations please let the teacher know before the start of class.

Do you offer certified teacher training courses?

Yes. Lift works in conjunction with Etowah Valley Yoga and offers 200-hour teacher training programs for aspiring teachers and dedicated students who want to deepen their practice. Etowah Valley Yoga is certified by the Yoga Alliance, the nation’s leading education support organization for yoga. Please read about our teacher training courses to learn more.

Can yoga + barre help me lose weight?

YES! Our Vinyasa Classes, Ashtanga and Barre classes offer the combination of strength and cardiovascular exercise, and helps to raise the core body temperature to a level that helps regulate metabolism and appetite. Additionally, studies have shown that yoga’s stress-busting benefits help you stay committed to good nutrition and fitness habits.

Is there a contract or cancellation fee?

Nope. All of the membership agreements at Lift are month-to-month agreements, with billing going through each month on the original day of purchase for the upcoming month of practices. If you are paying automatically by credit card or auto-debit, your membership payments will be automatically drafted until you cancel the debit. If for any reason you would like to cancel your membership, we kindly ask that you please provide us with 14 days’ notice by email or in person.

I arrived a few minutes late to class and the door was locked. Why is that?

It’s our priority to honor and respect our student’s time. It's often a challenge to devote an hour (or more) to ourselves during the day. Therefore, we promptly begin and end class on time, and we lock the door in between classes for the safety and security of our students who are taking class. Please show up to class on time (at least 5 - 10 minutes early is ideal) so you can be sure to squeeze in your yoga practice!

Do you offer one-on-one classes?

Yes. We offer private sessions and one-on-one mentoring for those interested in deepening their practice or working on a specific issue (e.g., general well being, energy healing, recovering from injuries, proper alignment principles, energy-enhancing breath work). To learn more about private instruction, please contact us.

Can I bring my cell phone in the studio?

We ask that you turn your phone completely off. Even the vibration of your phone can be heard during the quiet moments of a class. Please be respectful so that your phone will not interfere with your community as they practice.

What does "namaste" mean?

At the end of each class, our teachers offer the ancient Sanskrit word “namaste” as a symbol of gratitude, respect and connection. Students answer with “namaste” in the same spirit. This exchange allows us all to come together energetically to a place of connection and timelessness. A short translation is: “The Light in me sees the Light in you.”