Ayurveda 101 Workshop
with Ayurvedic Specialist, Jaya Ramamurthy

Sunday, Aug 13     12-3 pm     $45

Ayurvedic daily self-care is backed by a wise and time-tested system that can become an integral part of one's wellness. This workshop is an in-depth and fascinating introduction to age old science. Core principles and vocabulary will be made simple including practical applications for everyday life! 

Jaya Ramamurthy is a Certified Ayurvedic Specialist and has her own practice in Roswell GA. Workshop fee  includes snacks, a booklet of information to take away and many "Aha" moments! 

For more info, checkout www.ayurjaya.com and www.facebook.com/ayurvedajaya

Harp & Soul

Saturday August 19 7-8:30pm     $30

Enjoy this powerfully synergistic blend of live music with relaxing yoga poses to restore your body and mind and attune with your natural state of harmony. Clinical evidence supports the healing benefits of sound therapy. The hypnotic sound of the harp paired with the blissful experience of yoga will lead to overall peace and tranquility. Harp and Soul is a unique experience, not to me missed!

Why have live harp during a yoga class?
• It's a unique experience to experience live music during a yoga class
• Live harp music is healing. There is much clinical evidence and research to support this
• Harp + Yoga = double the benefits. The healing benefits of harp and yoga combined makes a potentially powerful practice
• Increases focus and relaxation in postures. The pure timbre of the harp naturally encourages a sense of calm & well-being
• A once in a lifetime opportunity. Most people never get to see or hear a harp in real life
• Aurally enchanting. The harp is a pleasure to listen to!

Solar Eclipse Soul Flow
with Paige at Wills Park (near Equestrian Ring)

Monday, August 21st    2-3pm     Free
Donations kindly accepted to cover cost of Eclipse Glasses

Be (in nature)

Feel (your unique & beautiful soul)

See (the solar eclipse)

Yoga For EveryBODY Series 

Wednesdays in September     1:30-2:30pm     $40 (includes all 4 sessions)

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. -Bhagavad Gita

This yoga class series is designed to allow a journey of the self while meeting the needs of individuals living in older bodies. Classes will be experienced from a chair, with options to stand, and options to get on the floor. Whether you are living in an older body, a body with special needs and considerations, or would like to deepen your understanding of a gentle movement and breathing techniques, this series will awaken your body, and broaden your yoga horizons!