Language of the asanas: Sanskrit for yoga teachers
with Jessie fletcher

friday, april 27th     1:00pm-4:00pm     $55

Sanskrit translates to "perfectly made". As a phonetic language it is thought as impeccably symmetrical. It's simple to understand and apply, and is an indispensable tool for Yoga teachers. Learn proper pronunciation of  asanas/postures and common words specifically geared to the Yoga practice. Join Jessie on this journey through the ancient language of India in this easily approachable and highly digestible 3 hour workshop. Explore the depths of this time honored tradition.

Sanskrit for Yoga teachers manual also included!



Restorative Yoga teacher training          with stacey shulman

saturday, april 28th     1-5pm     $99

Stress and its effects on our bodies and minds is becoming more and more evident in our culture. By calming the nervous system and unblocking lines of energy in the body, the long, supported holds in Restorative yoga can offer opportunities to process emotions, release tension, and find clarity on and off the mat. The result is often a renewed connection to the self and a profound sense of wellbeing.

Yoga teachers of all traditions and committed students who are looking to enrich their home practice are invited to attend this workshop in order to learn more about this nurturing, nourishing style of yoga. Topics covered will include:

  • The role of Restorative yoga in regulating the nervous system.
  • The flow of a Restorative yoga class.
  • Props and how to use them to support people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities in Restorative yoga poses.
  • Restorative yoga sequences for class and home practice.

Stacey Beth Shulman, RYT 500 C-IAYT is influenced by many styles of yoga, including Kripalu, Pranakriya, and Svaroopa. She has been teaching Restorative yoga classes for more than seven years. It is her mission to bring positive regard and body awareness to people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and genders through gentle movement and attention to breath. Find out more by visiting

Āyurveda: The Science of Life                    with Jessie Fletcher

saturday, may 5th     1-4pm     $55

Āyurveda is a time tested science which has helped provide exceptional health benefits for thousands of years. Acquire the tools to bring balance to daily living through lifestyle and diet. Dive into the important role of Dinacharya or having a daily routine. Understand the roles of the 3 doshas or constitution types and how diet and lifestyle impact each. Topics also include Agni, or the digestive fire and its part in maintaining health through the balance of vital metabolic functions.  

Workshop includes: 

  • 1 hour class broken down into various postures and pranayamas which are specifically beneficial to each dosha type. 
  • An explanation of the role of doshas and agnis in maintaining health.
  • A delightful sample of traditional Āyurvedic foods for Spring: Kale Salad with a tri-doshic dressing, besan fudge, and ginger and lime tea
Meditation asana, white.jpg


intro to the mist: elemental sequencing  with jessie fletcher

friday, may 11th     9-4pm     $130

Explore the limitless potential of freedom and creativity with the Multidimensional Integrative Sequencing Technique (MIST) for Yoga practice. Through the use of cutting edge principles of kinesiology and physiology integrated with the ancient Vedic understanding of deep inner-personal growth comes a scientific approach to physical and mental development, conscious and spiritual evolution. Uncover the elements of nature and how to interweave them into a practice creating truly tri-doshic Ayurvedic sequences. Discover a systematic method in making class practices accessible to all levels and all constitution types.

Topics include:

  • Elements of nature and doshas types of Ayurveda.
  • Basic kinesiology in relation to body movement and vinyasa.
  • Complimentary asana companions for sequence optimization.
  • MIST Sequence manual and class format also included!

Yin Yoga Teacher Training
with Kim Saunders

Saturday, may 12th     1-4pm     $65

Yin Yoga is a more meditative, deeper approach to a yoga practice. It is not a trademarked system, thus there is no certification required to teach it. This workshop will allow current yoga teachers to add Yin to their course offerings by giving you sequences and explaining the basics and class flow for teaching the Yin style.

Yin Yoga poses are held for a longer time, often 3-5 minutes (and sometimes much longer) to allow time for a deeper opening. It works on the fascia, ligaments and energy circuits of the body, often providing a very calming experience for the student.

  • Benefits of Yin Yoga (and difference from a Yang practice)
  • Yin Yoga Pose Names
  • How to structure a Yin Class
  • How Yin Yoga can help to resolve imbalances and support restoring the harmonious flow of our life force energy
  • Types of Music / Classroom Environment / Room Temperature
  • Props useful for a Yin Practice
  • Sequences to affect the Meridian Systems
  • Where to purchase the best blankets for this style
  • YinSights Manual (PDF version) by Bernie Clark included

After the educational discussion, students will experience a 75-minute Yin class – Open to the Public


Mandalas for mom: a family yoga workshop                                                          with melissa vance & amy stafford

Saturday, may 12th     2-3:30pm     $20

Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day weekend with certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teachers for a fun yoga session filled with poses, games, and laughter. 

Through the use of yoga games and activities, this workshop encourages creative play and connection while showing our appreciation for Mom! After yoga, we will enjoy a little snack and then finish with a mandala craft activity.

Additional Gift: Take home a "Self-Care For Kids" Mini Workbook filled with activities to do at home. 

Ages: 5-10

Pricing: $20 for first child, $10 each additional child of the same family. Parents join for free. 


Barre to Bar: The Hotel Avalon                      with Tina Strawn

Thursday, june 14th                                  4:30pm [barre] 5:45pm [bar]     $20

Join your Barre sisters for an amazing Barre Fusion workout! Right after Barre class, we'll head to the bar at Hotel Avalon! The shuttle will pick us up at Lift, and we'll spend the evening drinking cocktails, eating yummy appetizers, and soaking up the good vibes together! Your purchase for this workshop will cover your shuttle trip, appetizers & drinks for the evening. See you at the BARRE!

Mantras, mudras, & mytholgy: Part 2            with Katie bush

Saturday, june 16th     12-2pm     $30

This "yoga-losophy" workshop will focus on Vishnu, Lakshmi, Adishesa, Krishna, and Hindu sages, whose myths have been passed down for centuries. Get ready for a splendidly spiritual storytelling time! Attendees will learn things like what full wheel pose represents and who vasisthasana (side plank) was named after and why. We'll tie it all together with mudras and Sanskrit mantras with the harmonium. This workshop will include a light asana practice at the beginning and end. Special focus will be given on why this content is relevant in contemporary yoga classes. Don't forget a pen, a notebook, and an inquiring mind and get ready to connect the dots have some fun!


Bad Ass women's support group                    with diane farren, cclc certified life coach

6 Saturdays, September 8th- October 13th
3-5pm     $99

Are there things you'd like to change in your life? Do you need empowerment to move forward and take the chance to fulfill those dreams? Would you like to have the support of an awesome group of ladies to walk this journey with you?

Then this group is for you! We will use the book "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life!" by Jen Sincero as our guide. We will lift each other up, learn new things about ourselves, laugh and maybe even cry together.



In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, bestselling author and world-traveling success coach, Jen Sincero, serves up 27 bitesized chapters full of hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word, helping you to: Identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want, Create a life you totally love. And create it NOW,

By the end of You Are a Badass, you'll understand why you are, how you are, how to love what you can't change, how to change what you don't love, and how to use The Force to kick some serious ass.