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 “I always leave feeling centered and nourished.” -Carol



 “I always leave feeling centered and nourished.” -Carol

Well-being doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice.

As a mind-body integrative psychotherapist, Kim Saunders will provide you with tools to help empower you to make positive changes in your life.  Through our work and personal mentoring, you will find freedom from anxiety, depression, stress, grief and low self-esteem.

Emotional issues create blocks in the body which can lead to illness and disease.  By using practical techniques your mind and body are freed and harmony is restored.

Lift yourself up and find your bliss. Comfort and trust are essential to a therapeutic relationship. For this reason I offer a free initial phone consultation. You can gauge your comfort level and decide whether you'd like to schedule an appointment. All consultations are strictly confidential.

Specialties include:  life transitions, stress management, anxiety, grief, infertility and cancer.

To book your appointment contact us at or call (404) 906-8233.

"My mission is to help you to find wholeness in your body, mind and spirit.  As an integrative psychotherapist, I am uniquely qualified to help you to find balance in these areas when talk alone will not suffice. 

My background and specialties are in treating anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma and bereavement, as well as issues pertaining to infertility, breast cancer, and divorce.  Using mindfulness techniques, I will help to empower you with practical options to shift from a stressful mind to a calm and confident one. 
Research has proven that stress gets trapped and locked into our muscles and tissues.  My methods will help you to find freedom not only in your body, but through slowing down the racing thoughts, the "monkey mind." I will give you, actionable steps to create new patterns that offer lasting change.
After a decade-long career working in business for a large Fortune 100 Corporation, I followed my heart to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (State of Georgia LPC #4336) and opened Lift Yoga Studio in Alpharetta, blending the best of mind-body healing for my students and clients.
Having worked through my own PTSD, I understand firsthand how trauma gets locked into the body and creates challenging patterns, both mentally and physically. I've dealt with traumatic experiences like abandonment in childhood by a key figure; accidental death of a loved one; car accidents; divorce; infertility; and breast cancer and other illnesses. All of these have brought a newfound wisdom, understanding and compassion for life's challenges.  The process that I've created can help you to release the trauma that you have endured, as well.
Through a review of lifestyle choices, a customized plan is created focusing on exercise, nutrition and stress reduction.  Through a blending of integrative counseling and yoga, I will provide you with a blueprint for mindful living, well-being and on-going health.
Join me on the journey of self-discovery and lasting change...